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Clarins Haute Tenue + SPF 15

Let’s start, as always, with the design. Unfortunately, at the time of writing the post, I did not have a red box, but I think this is not critical. By the way, the main color of the packaging design for […]

Secret Key Black Snail Original Cream

The cream has a pleasant consistency, and it is also very viscous, apparently due to the high content of snail secretions. Also in the composition there are more than 20 varieties of plants. What does the cream do? It definitely […]

Perfect Skin ProMAKEUP Laboratory

And the last hero is a lip scrub, I have a chocolate scent. A very interesting and necessary product for lovers of matte lipsticks and tints, like me. With it, the lips very quickly return to the desired state. Very […]

FarmStay Real Avocado Nutrition Oil Serum

It is distributed easily and quickly, it is absorbed completely and without residue, the foundation perfectly fits on it and it does not conflict with makeup at all. What is she doing? Girls, she does everything. I think this serum […]

J’ose Eisenberg Eau de Parfum

A fragrance for the strong in spirit, in whom there is a core, for those who hide their rebellious nature under a stylish suit and a noble profession. When you put on an ironed-on shirt, pencil skirt, classic pumps … […]

Clary Rouge

I am not a makeup artist to teach you how to do makeup correctly; not a beautician to advise care. My task is simple – to solve my problems – acne, pigmentation, hair loss – and share my experience so that it can be useful to others.