Let’s start, as always, with the design. Unfortunately, at the time of writing the post, I did not have a red box, but I think this is not critical. By the way, the main color of the packaging design for the brand is red, and red is my favorite color, so it just hits 100 out of 100.

The foundation itself is enclosed in a beautiful frosted glass bottle with a frosted gold cap. Looks pretty and will be a great addition to your dressing table. Equipped with a fairly comfortable pump, it delivers as much product as needed, and the pump works properly until the end of the cream in the jar. There are no complaints, I’m happy with everything.

In the lineup, colors start with # 103 ivory is considered to be the lightest color (you can argue, of course). I myself am quite light, the skin has a cold undertone rather than a warm one, and I also took the tone for the autumn-winter period, so the yellowness did not bother me.