I have tone 101, as I understood this is the lightest tone in the line. At first it seemed to me too pinkish, then yellowish … in general, my opinion about its color changed all the time and so it remained ambiguous for me personally, but the fact remains that on his face he perfectly adjusted to me and we had no problems with him.

I was very surprised, even pleasantly surprised by its texture. When I did the first test on my hand, I thought it seemed to me, but to the touch there was something oily and very thick. By the way, I read on the net that the tone is dense. But in reality everything turned out to be different.

For me personally, it gives a medium coverage and it all depends on how and with what to apply it. If you use your fingers, the coating will be very thin, but the complexion will even out well and give freshness. When applying BB, the coating turns out to be denser, but the texture does not hide – there is no mask effect and this is a huge plus for me personally, again.

The native brush gets a coating similar to the BB, but what’s cool is that this brush perfectly sands and wipes the pores and there is still no mask effect.